Preparation is the name of the game this month with everyone from shops to restaurants and bars setting out their plans for the festive season. Countless opportunities are opening up this month with which you can indulge you Christmas spirit…both figuratively and literally. The likes of Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland will be opening their doors this month along with a whole host of winter terraces and appropriate menus to match, so there really is no reason to avoid the innevitable. Let your hair down a little and start the
season in style, just make sure you remember to maintain your gym going otherwise the extra ‘Christmas weight’ might be a little more than you expected.
If you can’t quite manage time doing both, then simply ensure you are getting you exercise fix whilst you shop. Exerting a surprising amount of energy walking endlessly around the
shops is a good way to balance the culinary enslaught or gives you a good reason to indulge!
The coming months are all about time management. Concentrate too hard in one area and you will find yourself snowed under in no time, so try and plan your weeks to maximise the amount you can get done without sacrificing.
There is nothing worse than everyone heading out for a Christmas drink whilst you are stuck in the office doing paperwork or having to head to the shops because you haven’t
started the present haul yet. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just remember it will all be worth it in the end.18th November – 2nd January

All the fun of the fair…